Saint Spyridon

Saint Spyridon Greek Orthodox Church

thames and brewer streets - po box 427 - newport, ri 02840 - (401) 846-0555
Saint Spyridon Greek Orthodox Protulis Greek School
The Greek school is again up and running. Currently there are two types of classes:
  Children Mondays - Thursdays
4-6 pm taught by
Mrs. Loula Eliopoulos and Mrs. Eleni Anagnostopoulos
  Adult Wednesdays 5-6 pm taught by
Mr. Basile Panoutsopoulos
For people that cannot attend either class, audiovisual materials are available (CD-ROMS and Workbooks) for individual study. They are available free of charge.
See Basile for details.
Please contact the church office to register. Registration form may be found in PDF form below:

St Spyridon School Registration Form 2012-13

(can be used for all church activities)