Protulis Greek School


Mrs. Eleni Anagnostopoulos
Mrs. Smaragda (“Loula”) Eliopoulos

Protulis Greek School Mission

The mission of our school is to teach our youth the Modern Greek Language and Culture and at the same time to instill in them a sense of love and pride for the Greek cultural heritage and Greek Orthodox Faith.
We offer Modern Greek Language lessons for the youth 4 years of age or older starting with Nursery class and through 12th grade.
Lesson instructions take place from Monday through Thursday from 4 pm to 6 pm or we may add more days if needed.

Protulis Greek School Name

In 2002 a gift of one-million dollars was bequeathed to our community by James Protulis in memory of his parents Efstratios and Arhontoula Protulis and personally presented to Saint Spyridon by his sister Demetra Boulas, where she indicated the bequest was intended to be “visionary and forward looking” for the long-term benefit of the community. James Protulis grew up in Newport and left to attend MIT at the age of 18. He was active in many Greek-American organizations and shared with his parents, according to his sister, a “staunch belief in the very fiber of our rich heritage and the beautiful traditions of our Greek culture.” In upholding the wishes of the Protulis family, in 2003 the Parish Council and General Assembly voted to honor the late James Protulis by officially naming the Greek School the “Protulis Greek School” and voting to fund the perpetual functioning of the Greek School by hiring and paying for a Greek School teacher directly from the Protulis Fund bequest. We are grateful for this generous donation and by funding the perpetual education of our children in the Greek language and culture, we honor his vision and his memory.

Protulis Greek School Guidelines

All students and Teachers must be in classroom exactly by 4 pm when the lesson starts.
Teachers should stay in class until all students are picked up by a parent or other indicated person.

Nursery:  Children becoming 4 years old by December 1, and are toilet trained are welcomed to enroll.

Pre-Kindergarten: Children who are or become 5 years old by December 1 and are toilet trained can be enrolled.

Kindergarten:  Children who are enrolled in first grade in American school are welcomed to enroll.  Previous attendance of the pre-kindergarten program is advised.

First Grade: Children who are enrolled in the 2nd grade in American school are welcomed to enroll.  Previous attendance of Kindergarten Protulis Greek School is strongly recommended.

Beginner’s classes (Nursery, pre-K and K) may be canceled or merged if class enrollment is less than 4 students.  Protulis Greek School does not have a refund policy for students who have started the year but decide to withdraw later on.  However, students who are unable to attend any classes from the beginning of the new school year may be fully refunded.

Please note: When there is enough interest, we form other evening classes for adults.  If interested please let us know.  Registration is required to enroll in all levels of instruction.  Should you have additional questions regarding registration, please leave a message with our church office (401) 846-0555  or email us at:

Protulis Greek School Calendar
Ημερολόγιο Πρωτούλη Ελληνικού Σχολείου

2019 – 2020

September (Σεμτέμβριος) 2019
Sunday 1 – 8 Registration (Forms and Fee)
Sunday 08 Agiasmos for Sunday School and Protulis Greek School
Monday 16 First day of classes in Protulis Greek School
October (Οκτώβριος) 2019
Monday 14 Columbus Day (no School)
Saturday 26 OXI Day rehearsal at 10:00 AM
Sunday 27 OXI Day Presentation in Hall – students are dressed in Blue & white
November (Νοέμβριος) 2019
Monday 11 Veteran’s Day (no School)
Thursday 27-28 Thanksgiving (no School)
December (Δεκέμβριος) 2019
Sunday 8 or 15 St. Spyridon Hymn Presentation in Church for Bishop – Kalanda in the Hall
Monday 9 Visit to Nursing Homes to chant the Kalanda (time TBT)
Tuesday 22 Christmas Day (Traditional Kalanda Presentation in Church w/Choir)
Monday 23 Christmas Recess (no School)
January (Ιανουάριος) 2020
Wednesday 1 New Year’s Day (no School)
Sunday 12? Vasilopita – St. Basil Hymn & New Year’s Kalanda (in Hall)
Monday 20 Public Holiday – Martin Luther King Day (no School)
Sunday 26 Three Hierarchs Presentation (in Church)
February (Φεβρουάριος) 2020
Monday 17-18 Mid-winter Recess (no School, for Newport Schools)
March (Μάρτιος) 2020
Saturday 21 Greek Independence Day Rehearsal & Hall decorations with Parents help
Sunday 22 Greek Independence Presentation (in Hall)
April (Απρίλιος) 2020
Monday 13-17 Spring Recess (no School)
Good Wednesday 15 Epistles read by Greek School Students
Good Friday 17 Good Friday (no School)
Easter Sunday 19 Pascha
May (Μάιος) 2020
Monday 25 Memorial Day Holiday (no School)
June (Ιούνιος) 2020
Saturday 13 Year End Rehearsal in Church Hall
Sunday 14 Year-End Presentation and Ceremony