Holy Week Activities

We wanted to share materials with you from past Holy Friday Retreats at St Spyridon Church in Newport, RI

  • Pascha Eggs

    Have your kids do a scavenger hunt around the house to find items that help to tell the story of Jesus’ last few days.

  • Orthodox Journey Through Holy Week Services

    This booklet describes each day’s service during Holy Week and has space for children to paste (or draw) an item as a reminder of what goes on during the services.

  • Words to Xristos Anesti

    Have the words to Xristos Anesti handy in both English, Greek, and Greek phonetics.

  • Tsoureki / Lambropsomo/: Easter Bread

    Explanation of the bread we make at Easter.

  • Make Your Own Kouvouklion

    Have your children get creative with materials you find in your house to make their own kouvouklion.  See an example below.
    Send photos of your creative efforts to Aliki Cooper so that we can share them on the Facebook page on Holy Friday.