“Our St Spyridon Youth Service Team was incredibly blessed by our Summer 2018 build week at Protect Mexico. We learned much about ourselves and the Church, and we were inspired by the faith and joy of our Mexican brethren, who don’t have many of the comforts and “necessities” we take for granted. Please help the boys of St Orphanage during this financially difficult time.”

– Fr. Aaron

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St Innocent Orphanage Matching Grant

A letter from Father Demetrios (JP) Andrews, Executive Director at Project Mexico & St Innocent Orphanage

As you can imagine, this has been a challenging year altogether. This past summer we would have celebrated our 32nd season of homebuilding. Because of COVID, we were unable to build. The border closed and Mexico went on lockdown.

Many of our 500 volunteers scheduled to join us this summer canceled or postponed their homebuilding trips. Most of our staff has been furloughed yet continue to support our organization however they can.

As we prepare for the last quarter of 2020, our needs are greater than ever due to 40% loss in homebuilding revenue. Your contribution this year is critical for us to continue our mission in providing education and a safe home for the children of St Innocent Orphanage.

With your support, we will survive these uncertain times and secure the ministry for 2021. All donations until Dec. 31st will be matched up to $150,000.

Please contact your Tax professional to see if the following applies to you:

  • A charitable contribution made in cash during 2020 to churches, nonprofit educational institutions, nonprofit medical institutions, or public charities may be deducted up to 100% of 2020 Adjusted Gross Income.
  • For 2020, a taxpayer who doesn’t itemize their deductions may claim a contribution deduction to churches, nonprofit educational institutions, nonprofit medical institutions, or public charities of up to $300 in arriving at Adjusted Gross Income.

To participate in this nationwide fundraiser, please donate at the link below OR

Send checks:
PO BOX 8210
PASADENA CA 91109-8210
United States (619) 426-4610

In Christ,

Father Demetrios (JP) Andrews
Executive Director
Project Mexico & St Innocent Orphanage